Brocklehursts, the country clothing retailer, wanted to keep improving conversion rates through their customer journey. As leading experts in user experience and conversion rate optimisation, we knew just how to help them grow sales.

The Solution

Before we got started, we did some digging into their user experience. This included CrazyEgg heat mapping to pinpoint how customers were behaving. This way, any design changes would be driven squarely by hard data. We then made changes to both design and functionality, with a firm focus on spiking conversion rates and UX improvement. From a home page redesign, to new buy button colours, a few small changes made a huge difference.

The Result

Sales rose 22% over the year, all thanks to our Conversion Rate Optimisation experts. The user experience improved too, with customers spending 52% more time on the site than the year before. Better functionality and design also saw visitors spending up to 200% longer viewing individual pages. Here are the key stats:

  • Conversion Rate Up 22% (1.32% to 1.58%)
  • Average Visit Duration Up 52%
  • Average Time on Page Up 205%
  • Exit Rate Down 85%
  • eCommerce
    • Website Design
    • Website Development
  • 3EX.NET PRO Back Office Software:
    • Supply Chain
    • CRM
    • Stock Control
Brocklehursts Website
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