One Hundred Toys

One Hundred Toys was established in 2016 by Alexis Ralph who believes that children need high quality toys that stimulate their minds.

One Hundred Toys seeks out the essential toys, games and fun things-to-do for pre-schoolers and parents. What makes them different is their expertly curated collection of thoughtfully made toys from around the world that focus on developing curious minds.

Alexis noticed the poor selection of toys for young children and decided to do something about it. The business plan was then carefully developed to ensure that the business would provide the best selection of toys for young children.

The Problem

The business is currently run by Alexis and his wife from their family home. Whilst this is an excellent business model for lowering fixed costs, it means that there’s only so much time in the day to focus on other aspects of the business.

One Hundred Toys currently sell through their Shopify website as they want this to be the destination that parents go to for inspiration and high quality toys.

Alexis said: “We feel that selling our products through this one channel gives us a competitive advantage and we want our website to be a place parents can go to for a unique buying experience.”

As the business expands, it can be difficult to manage stock, processes and financial information. One Hundred Toys decided that they needed to bring an intelligent software and fulfilment solution on board so that they could easily manage the business without employing staff.

The Solution

After doing extensive research, One Hundred Toys decided to partner with Exact Abacus because their offering was very much ‘hand in glove’. The company have been working with Exact Abacus for over 18 months and currently use the ERP software, channel management and fulfilment services.

Alexis commented: “No other company provided all these services under one roof which made Exact Abacus the obvious choice. I was really impressed with the system, clean storage environment and their approach to customer service. People matter – Exact Abacus seem to grasp straight away.”

It wasn’t just the software that appealed to One Hundred Toys, but Exact Abacus’s commitment to really understanding the business, and what they want to achieve that shone through.

Alexis added: “We wanted to work with a company that valued our ideas and were willing to invest in a long-term partnership. In the early days they spent a lot of time meeting with us and gaining an understanding of our launch plans, website development and new products.”

The system gives One Hundred Toys a complete company overview with real time information on stock, tailored to the company’s needs. The package provides an end-to-end solution from point of order to arrival of delivery, allowing them to access crucial information in real-time. This information also allows them to accurately forecast finances and improve their customer service with live delivery updates.

The Result

As a result, One Hundred Toys have grown their online business rapidly, with the order volume growing from single figures to over 50 orders per day within 12 months.

Alexis explained: “We now have the capacity to dispatch same day orders and this has helped us achieve many 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook. I value Exact Abacus’ expertise and honesty. They have helped us to form processes and develop a scalable approach to growth from day one. In an age of virtualisation, it is reassuring that Exact Abacus still value people and effective working relationships.”


Order fulfilment
Pick, pack and dispatch
Stock storage
Specialist product handling
Stock control software
Sales order processing software
Marketplace integration and fulfilment
Supply chain management software

Order volume increased from single figures to over 50 orders/day within 12 months.
5-star reviews on Google and Facebook

"Exact Abacus have helped us to form processes and develop a scalable approach to growth from day one."