YourZooki is a range of healthy food supplements that utilises patented technology to encapsulate water insoluble, highly purified and isolated oils. The product is an alternative to capsules, enhanced with active ingredients such as Omega 3, MCT, vitamins and flaxseed. It can be used to compliment smoothies, shakes, porridge or drizzled over fruit.

Founded by Marcus Mollinga and Jack Morrison in January 2017, the pair saw a gap in the market after a doctor recommended that Marcus should start taking Omega 3 following a sports-related knee injury. Finding that capsules tasted unpleasant, they wanted to create a palatable product without losing any of the nutritional benefits.

Both entrepreneurs from an early age, they created their first product, Omega Peach Mango Zooki. They have now expanded their range and have grown their start-up rapidly. The business has a lean model with 6 employees and a handful of partners in biotech.

The Problem

Though the company only started up in January 2017, YourZooki’s founders anticipated that they had a unique product that would move off the shelves fast. They began trading across various platforms, including Amazon, their own ecommerce website, wholesale and trade shows. They quickly realised that the business was growing rapidly and needed a solution to manage everything with an automated approach.”

The pair explained: “We trade across a host of channels and we needed to centralise the systems to control the stock, orders and purchasing. We needed to look for a local partner with ‘full service capability’ to help the business develop in a sustainable and cost-effective way.”

“We considered many partners but we wanted somebody who shared our values and demonstrated investment in facilities, people and process. Enabling the company to grow was a key priority but we realised that we would hit a ‘ceiling’ very fast without outsourcing fulfilment and using an efficient software system.”

The Solution

YourZooki started using the Exact Abacus ERP software, channel management, inbound logistics, fulfilment and delivery straight away. The pair recognises the benefit of getting things right from the start to achieve their business goals.

Marcus explained: “ No other company could provide us with the full package at an affordable cost. The software has allowed us to focus on expanding our operations into the US market and firmly establish ourselves as a new player to watch in the sports and fitness industry. ”

With the recent launch in the US, YourZooki needed to have 24/7 visibility over the business and the software allows them to keep tabs on orders and stock through the innovative multi-channel ecommerce system.

Jack also said: “With real-time data we feel totally in control, whilst outsourcing has allowed us to keep our distribution costs low. This has laid a strong foundation to help us increase our profitability without compromising operational efficiency. If it wasn’t for Exact Abacus we wouldn’t be able to grow the business in a way that is fast but controlled.”

The Result

Jack concludes: “We feel like we’re in safe hands because we’re working with an experienced company that will add value to our business going forward. We now have the time to focus on aggressive marketing to promote the product and further develop our range. As a young business with this slick system in place, it allows us to be agile, which is always important for growth and development.”

“If you’re running a new or fast-growing business, the Exact Abacus proposition is way ahead of the competition.”

The Stats

In the time that YourZooki has been working with Exact Abacus they have reduced distribution costs by over 25% and their monthly turnover has increased by an impressive 20%, with projections for continued month-on-month growth.


Order fulfilment
Pick, pack and dispatch
Stock storage
Specialist product handling
Stock control software
Sales order processing software
Marketplace integration and fulfilment
Supply chain management software

Over 25% reduction on distribution costs
20% increase in monthly turnover

“If you’re running a new or fast-growing business, the Exact Abacus proposition is way ahead of the competition.”