Marketplace Management

Managing large numbers of product across multiple marketplaces can be very challenging indeed. Our software allows you to quickly list your products and then it takes over: automatically controlling stock, receiving orders and confirming dispatches.

Manage all of your products across all of your marketplaces from a single system.

Order Management

Order Management

As orders are completed on your marketplaces, they will automatically be brought into our ERP software, where they will join other orders in the picking process. As an order is dispatched, a status update will be sent directly to the marketplace, to confirm completion of the order. Again, this is all done without the need for any manual involvement.

Stock Management

Stock Management

Marketplace management is a core feature of our ERP platform, managing stock figures across all of your channels in real time. As an order is received via any channel, the system will automatically push an updated stock figure to each of your marketplaces, minimising the risk of overselling. Likewise, as soon as an item is out of stock, it will be automatically removed from your marketplaces, without the need for any manual intervention.

Product Listing

Product Listing

All of your product content can be managed within our software - including images, descriptions, variant details and pricing. This can then be used across all of your marketplaces and websites eliminating the need to manage duplicate content. Once products are listed, any changes made to content or pricing will automatically be pushed to each of your marketplaces.

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