Customer Relationship Management

Building a sustainable and profitable business relies on the cost-effective recruitment and retention of customers. Other than providing a fantastic delivery service, your customer needs to be assured that any query will be expediently resolved.

Enabling all of your Customer Relationship Management

Customer Activities

Customer Activities

Our back office system centralises all addressing, profiling and transactional information into a single view for customer service advisors. Whether your customer wants to place an order, register a complaint or enquiry, or schedule a return, you can handle everything from one place.

This reduces call times, enhances the quality of your service, and puts your advisors in control. Whether you are trading with individuals (B2C), businesses (B2B) or both, our system ensures that your addressing and contact data is accurate.

Follow-Up Calling & Responsibilities

Follow-Up Calling & Responsibilities

Within any contact centre environment, keeping on top of customer enquiries can be very challenging indeed, particularly where people are working evening or weekend shifts and perhaps can’t instantly access the information they need.

Where this is the case, it’s important that details of customer enquiries are properly captured and managed. Where a user can’t answer a question, they may need to assign the enquiry to another user who may not currently be available. Where this is the case, they can raise call back or follow up jobs and then assign these to the relevant user. As that user accesses the system, they will be able to see all the jobs that have been assigned to them.

Follow-up jobs can also be automated. For example, where a customer calls to request a catalogue, a follow-up job can be automatically raised to contact the customer in, say, 7 days’ time.

Email Integration

Email Integration

CustomerServices@, Info@, Sales@ - Customer-service emails can be very difficult to manage, particularly where multiple customer service team members are all trying to access the same email folder.

Our back office software comprises an email client, that works with Microsoft Exchange, which all users, who have adequate permissions can access. This allows all customer service advisors to see all the customer service emails in one place. Users can quickly generate “Customer Service Enquiry” jobs from the emails so that they can be properly followed up.

Marketing Analysis

Marketing Analysis

Our search and segmentation tool allows you to easily construct selections on the customer database for highly targeted campaigns - e.g. to find all customers who had previously purchased product X, spent more than Y, and not bought for over 6 months. Selections can be split repeatedly using similar logic in order to target specific segments of your database.

The search and segmentation tool is complemented by our RFMA (Recency, Frequency, Monetary, Activity) profiling system. This scores individual contacts and customers based on their spend, recency and frequency of purchase as well as non-financial interactions such as brochure requests and quotations.

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