Process And Operations Consulting

Our expertise goes beyond software.

Improving processes, platforms, infrastructure and organisational structures brings significant benefits and creates a lasting legacy - our consultants can help you get there.

We have over 30 years’ experience in helping clients fulfil their potential



We apply our expertise and proven methods to drive greater efficiencies, higher productivity and better service levels, delivering measurable outcomes such as reduced processing costs and higher profitability.



Every successful and sustainable enterprise is founded on robust and functional software systems. We harness leading-edge and cost-effective technologies such as cloud hosting, workforce mobility, service oriented architecture (SOA) and business intelligence (BI) to standardise, automate and scale your processes.



Gearing facilities, networks and suppliers for aggressive growth relies on knowledge and experience. Our objectives-led approach prioritises ingenuity and adaptation of existing infrastructure to ensure the maximum possible yield.



Our proven management system improves individual and team performance. We can help you develop your organisational structure to create a rewards-led culture, ensuring clear lines of responsibility and total commitment to shared objectives.

Unlike ‘textbook’ consultants, we work on a practical level: using methods that are proven to generate a positive return on investment (ROI). Furthermore, we make a recommendation and demonstrate this before any commitment is made. How many consulting firms can offer that?

Meet the Experts

Lee Gregson
Lee Gregson – Technology

A system architect and software developer, Lee takes the lead in designing innovative technical solutions.

Lee Thompson
Lee Thompson – Infrastructure

With a manufacturing and distribution background, Lee asks the ‘why’ and ‘what if’ questions that are designed to identify and resolve systemic problems.

Shaun Cummins
Shaun Cummins – Process

Shaun has 20 years' experience helping clients better understand their processes, demarcating tasks and automating workflow.

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