Sales Order Processing Software

By streamlining and automating your processes, our order processing software will allow you to significantly increase your order volumes without increasing your costs.

What Does Our Sales Order Processing Software Do?

Automate the Collection of Orders from All of Your Channels.

Our system allows you to collect all of your orders from all of your different marketplaces, websites and other channels.

The system links seamlessly with Amazon, eBay and other online marketplaces. It brings in orders from our own web platform, as well as Shopify, Magento and numerous others. Orders can be manually entered or even imported via EDI.

Special Order Management

Once your orders are in place, the system will apply logic - defined by you - to best manage your orders. For example the system will be able to highlight:

  • Orders over a certain value
  • Orders going to a particular delivery location or country
  • Orders for customers who have exceeded their credit balance
  • Orders for which stock is unavailable

The system will effectively move these orders to a different location, highlighting them to the users responsible for dealing with the various issue. Orders that pass these checks are then automatically released for picking.

Drop-Ship Processing

It is becoming increasingly common for retailers to work with drop-ship or direct-dispatch suppliers, simply sending on the details of captured orders to be picked, packed and shipped by the supplier, directly to the customer.

The process of drop shipping certainly has a number of benefits, but it can be very time-consuming to manage. Our software can be configured to automatically generate purchase orders for any drop-ship items sold. These can then be automatically sent to suppliers, either by email or automated EDI links.

Once suppliers have dispatched orders to your customers, they can send confirmation either via EDI, or by using an online supplier portal - which allows them to update orders directly on your system in real time.

Picking & Dispatch Note Production

For many warehouses, the production of picking lists can be an arduous task. Typically, a supervisor or warehouse manager arrives at work at least 30 minutes before everybody else, so that they can print and sort picking lists, ready for when the rest of the team arrives. Sound familiar?

With our software, your warehouse manager could hypothetically spend an extra half hour in bed - sleeping soundly in the knowledge that the system is doing all of that work without any manual input whatsoever. He could even take the day off, knowing that picking lists would continue to produced, without any manual input whatsoever.

Carrier Integration

As orders are dispatched, the back office system intelligently determines which carrier service will ship the order most cost-effectively.

The system then automatically links with your carrier via API, producing shipment labels and manifests.

Our back office software integrates with all major carriers, eliminating the need for double entry of order information.

Returns & Replacements

Inevitably, even with 100% picking accuracy, you will still receive returns from time to time, which is unfortunate, because returns can be one of the most complex areas to deal with.

Of course, different businesses handle returns in different ways. Some prefer the whole process to be undertaken by a member of the warehouse team, while others prefer to split the responsibility between warehouse and customer services. Some require the customer to make contact in advance, while others just manage returns as they come through the door. All find it difficult and would rather not have to deal with it.

We have developed a returns and replacements system to handle all of these different scenarios, to ensure that our system can fit in with your processes.

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