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Our stock control software comprises all warehouse activities: from the receipt of goods through the door, all the way to the eventual dispatch of customer orders. The system allows you to manage multiple warehouses and multiple locations within each warehouse, controlling an unlimited number of SKUs.

Managing all of your stock control and warehouse management processes

Supplier Delivery Received

Supplier Delivery Received

Upon receiving a delivery from a supplier, the first job is to identify who it’s from and who it’s for. This is particularly challenging when working in a multi-client environment, like a fulfilment house, or any business operating independent divisions.

Once an order has been received, it might go straight onto the picking shelf. Or, perhaps it sits in the goods-in area awaiting re-work (labelling, bagging etc.) or maybe it just waits to be put away.

Stock Receipting and Purchase Order Reconciliation

Stock Receipting and Purchase Order Reconciliation

Once a delivery is ready to be put away, it’s important to check that the items received accurately match those originally ordered. This was traditionally a paper-based process of checking off the items on the delivery note and finding equivalent purchase order lines on the back office.

This manual approach is still very popular in many warehouses, but it is susceptible to human error. By using mobile devices to scan the items received, you can quickly determine all the items that have actually been delivered - taking mistakes out of the equation.

The information taken by these devices can then be used to automatically reconcile against all purchase orders with the relevant suppliers, automatically highlighting any under or over deliveries. This saves you time and it de-skills the process considerably, often cutting out the need for members of the purchasing team to be involved with the receipting process.

Stock Put-Away

Stock Put-Away

Once the items received have been properly identified and reconciled against purchase orders, they are ready to be put away.

Many businesses still rely on users walking around the warehouse and aimlessly putting stock wherever they can find an empty bin, which means that the user has to note down where they placed the stock so that the system can later be updated.

This process is time-consuming, prone to error, and it ignores the fact that you may already be holding stock of the item in other locations - perhaps locations that are running low and should be replenished. Alternatively, some of the items may be needed to release urgent back orders, so walking to the other side of the warehouse to put them away - when someone’s just going to have to pick them again - is a waste of valuable time.



If there’s one common theme across every warehouse we’ve ever visited, it’s that nobody enjoys doing stock-takes.

Whether you perform a full warehouse shut-down for an annual stock-take, or you perpetually count stock throughout the year, you’ll know it’s not much fun.

Unfortunately, stock-taking is an unavoidable part of life for every warehouse team - and while we can’t do anything to stave off the monotony, we do have systems to help you with the process.



We define “replenishment” as "the process of moving an item from one location to another". This could mean moving items from bulk or overstock locations to the picking-face, or transporting goods from one warehouse to another, or moving items between shops.

Our replenishment system is readily capable of managing all of these different processes, and it can also be used to dynamically generate replenishment proposals based on order demand, stock levels or even forecasted order demand (the latter of which is ideal if you're looking to get ahead of yourself).

Mobile Warehousing

Mobile Warehousing

All of our stock control processes from goods-received through to pick, pack and dispatch can be carried out either using paper systems or via our mobile hand-held warehousing application.

The mobile warehousing system ensures stock accuracy by making users scan both products and stock locations (picking bins), each time they want to take receipt of an item, move it, pick it or put it away. This guarantees stock accuracy and, also enables supervisors to know exactly where an item is, who put it there and when it got there.

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