Warehouse management software features

Mobile warehousing

Our Mobile 3EX.NET stock control and warehouse management application has been designed and developed to reduce your operational costs and enhance the service you provide to your customers. It is used in lieu of paper documentation to receive, putaway, pick, replenish and count stock at the point of activity.

It starts with receiving a delivery of products; the initial information you require is:

  • Have you received the right stock?
  • Have you received the correct amount?
  • Which supplier has the delivery come from?
  • Do you have the purchase order?

Manually handling this process is generally lengthy, inaccurate and complicated for the warehouse operative. Furthermore, if the stock is receipted incorrectly, this creates a perpetual inaccuracy through the warehouse chain. The Mobile Warehousing 3EX.NET stock control system de-skills each warehouse operation and validates every movement of stock to create a highly efficient environment.

Once all of the items from the delivery have been scanned, along with the quantity received, the stock control software automatically reconciles this against the supplier and originating purchase order. This subsequently makes purchase invoice matching much simpler, creating further cost savings in the back office.

The 3EX.NET stock control software is highly adaptable and, using warehouse locations, stock can be tracked down quickly when required. The larger the warehouse, the more efficiency our stock system creates. When picking orders or batches of orders, the Mobile 3EX.NET user is directed on the most efficient ‘least walk’ route around the warehouse, scanning locations and products at every point. Once completed, the picked and sorted trolley is processed through a packing station with a fully checked parcel being produced for carrier collection.

The 3EX.NET stock control software is particularly adept at handling different types of stock locations such as Bulk, Pallet, Open Aisles, Hanging and Pick bins. By profiling these locations and using volumetric measurements on products, warehouse users can be issued instructions through the Mobile 3EX.NET application to fully optimise the flow of goods through the warehouse.